Introducing UMA Oval
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Offchain governance.
Onchain execution.

Optimistically execute governance transactions onchain where your community can approve them.

Securing Crypto's Finest

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Submit transactions to Snapshot

Let your community vote to implement exact transaction data.

Transaction data

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Transactions are validated by UMA

UMA validates that the transaction was approved in Snapshot and writes it onchain.

Transaction data

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Transaction executes in Safe

The transaction is automatically executed via the oSnap module.

Transaction data

Transaction automatically executed

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Cheaper. Faster.
More inclusive.

Add oSnap to your existing Snapshot Space and Safe{Wallet} in minutes.

Combine the advanced strategies and gasless experience of offchain voting with the speed and security of trustless execution.

Leverage the combined security of UMA,
Snapshot and Safe to protect your treasury

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Secured by UMA

Transaction data is validated by UMA's oracle which has been live for three years, securing more than 10,000 assertions.

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Built-in monitoring

Use the UMA dapp to monitor proposals at each stage. Tenderly support under active development.

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Fully decentralized

Make your DAO more censorship resistant by reducing your reliance on centralized multisigs for every transaction.

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Stay in control

Use your existing multisig to approve urgent transactions or to reject proposals as a final layer of security.

Achieve decentralized governance in under two minutes.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the relationship between oSnap and UMA?

oSnap is built by UMA and secured by UMA's Optimistic Oracle. oSnap submits transactions from successful proposals to the Optimistic Oracle to be validated onchain where they will automatically execute from your Safe.